The South African Journal of Diabetes & Vascular Disease aims to provide a competent resource for specialists, general practitioners and primary care diabetic nurse and allied professionals on diabetes management in Southern Africa.

The Journal publish original articles from South Africa and Southern Africa, which contribute towards the understanding of the particular problems facing our resource-constrained environment. All original articles will be subjected to peer-review. The types of articles include original research contributions of either clinical or basic laboratory research, epidemiology and case reports.

Reviews should be critical and relevant to our region. The categories of articles include Original Research, Reviews, CME Updates, Case Reports & Editorials relevant to the field of Diabetes (Type
1 and 2 Diabetes) and Vascular Disease, including strokes.

• The Zambian Problem Areas in Diabetes (PAID) scale
• Metabolic syndrome among hypertensive Nigerians
• Effect of altitude on the measurement of HbA1c
• The Abeokuta Heart Failure Registry in Nigeria
• Hypertension and cardiovascular risk factors: Senegals
• Prevalence and distribution of NCDs in Uganda
• Prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in Asian Indians
• Diagnostic and prognostic values of BNP and NTpro-BNP

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diabetes and vascular disease

• Side effects of statins
• Understanding dieting
• Telomeres and atherosclerosis
• Safety of stents in CAD patients with diabetes
• Glycaemic, blood pressure and cholesterol control in diabetics
• Left ventricular hypertrophy in Tanzanian diabetics
• Left ventricular geometry in Nigerian diabetics
• Increased relative wall thickness in African diabetics

This journal is now available to be viewed via our eJournal publication viewer.
diabetes news
Type 2 diabetes management more difficult with early onset

Younger age groups may be at higher risk of developing complications of type 2 diabetes, possibly due to statin medications only being added to their treatment regimen much later on, a study from Asia has found.

Type 2 diabetes can occur at a wide range of ages. Recent data have shown that the success rate of managing the disease may vary depending on the age of diagnosis.

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diabetes and vascular disease
Diabetes News: New culprit identified in metabolic syndromediabetes

A new study suggests uric acid may play a role in causing the metabolic syndrome, a cluster of risk factors that increases the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Uric acid is a normal waste product that is removed from the body by the kidneys and intestines and is released in the urine and stools. Elevated levels of uric acid are known to cause gout, an accumulation of the acid in the joints. High levels are also associated with markers of the metabolic syndrome, which is characterised by obesity, high blood pressure, and elevated blood sugar and cholesterol levels. But it has been unclear whether uric acid itself is causing the damage or it is simply a by-product of other processes that lead to the dysfunctional metabolism.

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diabetes and vascular disease
Painful neuropathy and increasing blood pressure

Painful diabetic neuropathy (PDPN) has been associated with higher nocturnal blood pressure in patients, according to a study by D’Amato et al. published in the 10 July 2014 issue of Diabetes Care. PDPN can cause obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and affect quality of life. As this condition is often underdiagnosed, researchers conducted a study focusing on the increasing cardiovascular risk associated with neuropathic pain.

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CALL FOR diabetes and vascular original research ARTICLES
This peer-reviewed journal is available as full text at all tertiary institutions in South Africa, presenting a great opportunity to submit your good-quality original articles for speedy publication. Recent user research has shown that some 10 000 annual topic searches were done on the SA Journal of Diabetes & Vascular Disease database, which contains seven years of published material.

The SA Journal of Diabetes & Vascular Disease aims to provide a forum for specialists involved in the care of people with diabetes, to exchange information, promote better management and stimulate research in Africa.

This quarterly journal publishes original research and scholarly reviews about prevention and management of diabetes, relating to both general and specific issues. The SA Journal of Diabetes & Vascular Disease invites you to submit your articles online only.

Read the Instructions to Authors  for more information on the journal’s policies and the submission process.

The SAJDVD’s main focus is providing new and relevant information for doctors, nurses and allied professionals involved in caring for the diabetes patient.

But as we are part of the larger Diabetes team, we would like to reach out to all patients with relevant information. So here it is!

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